Friday, March 6, 2009

My Bachelorette Party / Comedy Roast

I present to you the first bachelorette party that welcomes men and does not ask them to remove their postal uniform. I must admit it's a little odd to be roasted when you haven't established a public persona that people can enjoy. Dean Martin had his drinks, Jack Benny was a cheapskate, Nipsy Russell was a janitor. Anything people hear about me will be new to them and come across as genuine criticism. Or it could all sound like the gentle ribbing that made us groan at the Oscars. But it could go so far as to be super corny, which I would love. "Talk about shallow. She's into men who make a lot of bread. You should see her fawn over the guys at Subway."

The dais includes
Carolyn Castiglia (my hero)
Katina Corrao (my spirit guide)
J-L Cauvin (my son from the future)
Jiwon Li (my cool Asian imaginary friend come to life)
Jennifer Dziura (my intellectual superior)
Nick Cobb (my neighbor and motivator)
Elon James White (my human energy-source)
Dave Lester (my brother from another mother and father)
...who will all be roasted by me at the very end. The gloves come off.

Saturday March 7th, 7:00PM
Ochi's Lounge (downstairs showroom)
353 W. 14th St (8th / 9th aves)
1 drink min

Photo credit:
Aemiessence Fine Arts


Seth said...

That's such a bad ass idea! I'm sure you'll be well roasted and am again jealous of everyone who attends.

Abbi Crutchfield said...

Dang-it Seth, drop everything and move here already! Are you FANS (drawing a line in the sand) or are you MICE?

Chris said...

Does pepsi count for the one drink minimum? (That's a serious question btw. I always hate places with a drink minimum cuz I don't like alcohol)

Abbi Crutchfield said...

Yes. You may order Pepsi. Or a glass of milk. Would you like a cookie to go with it young man?

Chris said...

Yes please!

Tommy Pryor said...

abbi, id love to have been there, but my daughter just came home from school and wanted to see the prison her grandmother did 7 to 10 in, it's way upstate, hope you had a ball, hugs, tommy

mark lawrence said...

Bachelorette parties are fun! I have attended a lot of these parties but now it’s my time. My friends thought of throwing a bridal shower cum bachelorette party for me in one of the beautiful LA venues. I am so excited for the day, would love to share the pictures with you.