Friday, December 5, 2008

The Case of the Curious Casting

In a recent post, "Attention Future Hollywood Starlets" I wrote about an auditioning scam where people tell you that you've been picked to star in a Network TV show, but you have to pay money at the screen test.

Maybe I've been reading too much Agatha Christie lately (or maybe all of my British relatives really ARE trying to poison me), but I have a growing suspicion that I'm being had again. After the blog post, I received several similar e-mails.


Who did you email when you got that? because I dont know who to email about location and times... please tell me...!! thanks! ps ur reeally funny! love da hair too!


who did you email when u got that message about the global domestic thingy...i got it to!!
Michaeljacksonmyhero (youtube user)


Hi!I *just* got that same e-mail, and at first I was excited, but then when I re-read the details, I was like, "uhhh, hold up!"My guarantee fee is supposedly $49 - I guess I get a discount compared to your $65 - but everything else was the same.Did you ever contact these people back? I was curious to how it turned out. I'm supposed to "audition" on Sunday.Thanks for your help and info.!

hey this is bernadette, i was reading your blog about the global domestic productions wanting you for a 13 episode tv series? i got the same email! is it legit? should i even bother going to the "audition" even tho, ur right, i supposedly have the part??? very weird, does that agreement really mean they cant pay u?? so confused hit me back girly thanks xoxo

Dear people who created the e-mail scam and who are contacting me under an alias,

Give it up. You are writing me because you want to know how to improve your actor's trap. You want to make sure it sounds authentic enough so that people will give you their money and show up to the audition. My advice: change your cover. Instead of an audition where people pay money, why don't you try diet pills? Or hair replacement infomercials? Or perhaps you should assemble a pop band of young, untalented boys or girls. People will pay you millions just to see them, and it's all perfectly legal.

Just ask Lou Perlman.

Best of luck,



Chris said...

What's with all the pictures of Tony Clifton?

Abbi said...

That's actually Bob Zmuda.

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