Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Games for Adults

This holiday shopping season, Hasbro taps into what adults really want: games that justify their vices!

Has your alcoholism come between you and your friends? Invite them back into your life with a pastime you both can enjoy. Crack open the game that's only fun when you're smashed: Partini!

This deluxe package includes a game cup, coasters, and more so you can enjoy musical humming challenges, molding clay objects, firing balls into a cup, and you know, other stuff that's boring while sober but tolerable when drunk. Guaranteed to "mix up" any party.

But that's not all...

Has your depression led to compulsive hoarding? Amass your piles of newspapers and mountains of laundry with Junka!

In this fast-paced collecting game, build a tower of trash before your friends call an intervention. Each wooden block is labled with and smells like the object it represents. From pizza boxes to carpet squares, phonebooks to cats, this game is guaranteed to "accumulate" fun at any party.

And for the frisky, seasoned gentlemen in your life, we offer Juvenile Pursuit!

Enter our two-dimensional chat room, assume an alias and answer questions in order to score a date with our underage duo, Courtney and Lindsey! Watch out for undercover cops, nagging wives and apprehensive buddies. They just want to send you back to start! Features nickel-plated zinc game pieces shaped as skateboard, french fries, cell phone and tube top. Guaranteed to "assault" boredom at any party.
(Participants must register in an online database before leaving store)

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