Monday, December 15, 2008

Wish Shoe Were Here

Just a few funny lines I've read online about the shoe incident, before you hear them on late night television:

Bob McCown:
I’m glad they caught the shoe-ter.

Honestly … who throws a shoe?

Mike K:
I’m just wondering where Bush’s bodyguards were. Sure, the first shoe came out of the blue, but they should have been out front by the time the the second one was thrown. If that had been a blunt or sharp object (and the if reporter could throw worth a damn) it could have killed him. I guess the SS was just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Brandon C:
Dr. Scholls to the a**hole!

I’ll be FedEx-ing a pair of shoes to the President tomorrow.

The Critic:
I was impressed true that man’s aim was, because standing up and throwing a not-designed-to-be-thrown object like a shoe, under what had to be enormous inner pressure, and throwing two of them with such accuracy. Well, that’s skill, my friends.

This gives the term “shoe bomber” a whole new and hilarious twist.

The fact of the matter is that under Saddam, that Journalist wouldn’t have made it out of the room….and he’s just exercising his new found rights of free expression. Bush should be proud of him.


Chris said...

OH, my favorite part about it was the Secret Service Agent who waited for both shoes to be thrown before jumping in front of Bush in case the reporter decided to start throwing socks.

That guy is totally me if I was a Secret Service Agent. No way I'd take a loafer for anyone.

Abbi said...

Secret Service are like parents by the pool. They'll only get up if there's a real problem.

Mo Diggs said...

If the shoe fits, throw it at a world leader

Abbi said...

This is by far my favorite shoe-tout.

Tommy Pryor said...

That was fantastic aim under enormous pressure, I've not made a throw as good in my life, maybe a day release for the guy to back up Eli on Sunday night at Giants Stadium?