Thursday, July 3, 2008

New Show Takes Off

I had a blast hosting Dorothy Von Irony's Hour of Literary Comedy and Comic Literature (DVI) last night at Chelsea Market.

I opened with stand-up about the new makeup I wore that evening. Seeing as how I let myself be suckered into ordering lots of E.L.F. products, I thought I would use them for the show. It's a shame there are no pictures to have captured the full effect, but it turned out something like this:

It was a good way to kick off the show, because everyone loves a clown. I read a piece to get the crowd in the groove of listening to comedy readings, and then Raquel D'Apice delighted us with an unusual transcription: a one-sided conversation with her negligent boyfriend. He wasn't ignoring her so much as having an allergy attack.

Jen Dziura dazzled the crowd with a letter to prospective boyfriends.

Inspired, I wrote a letter to my own fiance, sitting four rows back, reminding him not to embarrass me in public. A charming red-headed fellow was a good sport when I read an impromptu letter to him, and when I asked if he had a hidden talent, his sister pushed him towards the stage to juggle. The show was running short, so I told him to throw down. I also juggle.

I only juggle small, round things, and when shoes were all that were offered, he beat me in the time it takes to throw a brick in the air and watch it fall to the floor. I never got his name, but I'm sure it was Bill or Billy or Mack or Buddy.

We were buying time for our hard-working guest Ed Murray, who was running from his own show to do our show only to follow-up with another spot at Rififi. In addition to having a red-headed male juggler to off-set the female angst, we added the freestyle skills of Soce, the Elemental Wizard.

He rapped Wacky Mad-Libs style, asking for an occupation (plumber), a person to save (taxidermist), a villain (evil nurse), a magical tool (toast), and a setting (New York public library).

Ed came in right as Soce wrapped up and instead of reading, offered us his take on controversial topics like abortion and government mind control.

All in all a fantastic night. All for FREE! I love New York.

Dorothy Von Irony's Hour of Literary Comedy and Comic Literature
at Chelsea Mind Games
Chelsea Market
75 9th ave (btwn 15th/16th streets)
9:00PM, FREE

Photo Credits
Mary Anne Ventrice on Flickr
Carpe Icthus on Flickr
Aemiessence Fine Arts


Mo Diggs said...

I am gay for Ed Murray (yes I know Soce is the gay one)

Abbi said...

Ed Murray is this generation's George Carlin, or at least the comedian I know who most reminds me of him. Jen Dziura has also been lauded by some as a female George Carlin. I encourage them both to join the Modern-Day Carlinists, a new religious sect that shaves the tops of its heads bald and pulls the rest back in pony tails. They wear all black and meet in comedy clubs, ironically worshipping a sole deity who never believed in monotheism.

Ed Murray said...

I don't know about that ...

This generation's Carlin is still trying to get an average of 8s, literally, 8s of people reading his blog a day.

And then he'll get onto the 14 hour-long specials, another 27 or so albums, and maybe another 1000 hours of forgotten jokes ...