Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wish You Were Here

This week, on the Dorothy Von Irony Show...

Abbi Interrupts Show to Take Own Picture

I opened with my signature bubbly cheer in muted tones of brown and beige. It was enough to garner the attention of a lanky, bearded man who stopped to watch the show. His large, weathered hands and surly stoicism made him a mystery to me, but I like to think of him as someone who would play "The Drifter" in a movie based on a John Steinbeck novel.

Fans Love Eliza

Eliza Faria-Santos made our heads explode with her musings on people with a Genius Complex. Then she shared her tale of qualifying for junior varsity Mensa status. She's a smart cookie who rips a heck of a new one for the arrogant man in your life.

Jen Dziura In the Stands

Show creator Jen Dziura kept her thoughts to herself, but still looked glamorous while doing it. What's her secret? The blood of young goats I believe.

RG Daniels Cracks Himself Up

RG Daniels gave us a sampling of some of his vintage jokes, the ones where the concepts and the punch lines accidentally meet. It was awkward, it was angsty, it was hilarious.

This show gets better and better, so you do NOT want to miss our next installment, Wednesday at 9:00PM. Chelsea Market. I'm talking to YOU, Google employees and Food Network crew.

In other news, I have two freelance writing opportunities on the horizon, an appearance on national television in which I analyze non-books, a late-night sketch at UCB, a stint hosting my favorite sketch show in the world, and tomorrow I'll be performing a character at a brand new show run by some way cool pals. I never knew taking time off from The Living Room would be such a fulfilling experience. Now I know what deadbeat dads feel like.

Dorothy Von Irony's Hour of Literary Comedy and Comic Literature
after Chelsea Mind Games
Chelsea Market
75 9th ave (btwn 15th/16th streets)
9:00PM, FREE


Mo Diggs said...

So rg took my place huh

He is a rather funny person type

Abbi said...

Yeah, and he heard about the show through you! Small world. Too small. Get off my planet.