Friday, June 6, 2008

What the E.L.F.?

Eyes Lips Face cosmetics are NOT being re-packaged by Nordstrom as I stated in my previous post. Thanks to I learned that these products are always sold for a dollar. I should have known something was up when some items were listed, "In stock soon!" Why would something be in stock soon if it were going to be discontinued shortly thereafter?

I bought a handful of items even if the brushes are, as my sister says, "made of cat hair" because

a) I like things that don't cost a lot.

b) I once bought a wallet from Skymall. This wallet. Two days ago.

So under E.L.F.'s FAQ, answering question #15 of "Why only $1?", it says,

In today's world, beauty and wellness go hand in hand - it's a holistic approach that [blah blah blah]...Every woman should have the opportunity to participate in innovation, without sacrificing her budget. We hope you agree and[buy as much of this stuff as you can, much as a pack of hillbillies will eat at McDonalds month after month but never go out for a steak dinner at a fancy restaurant once in a while. But who can blame them? They don't know what a salad fork is, and sauce au poivre doesn't come in a plastic cup with a peel-back foil wrapper.]

On the bright side, I now have refurbished my arsenal of inexpensive beauty supplies, and I saw the most hilarious video I have seen in months. From via I give you, "Target: Women...Yogurt Edition".

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