Monday, June 23, 2008

Good Mourning

We recently lost comedy hero George Carlin. He's the second celebrity in weeks to die of heart problems (RIP, Tim Russert). I heard about it this morning from the elevator in my work place, where I get all my news and golf salary statistics.

It is always sad when an artist passes on because they will never create again, unless they release rap albums. The good thing is that it's a wonderful time to reflect on all the joy they brought while they were here, and re-visit some of the work that made them great.

From an article in The Associated Press:

The counterculture hero's jokes also targeted things such as misplaced shame, religious hypocrisy and linguistic quirks — why, he once asked, do we drive on a parkway and park on a driveway?

He's a four time Grammy award winner, a five-time Emmy nominee, recipient of the Mark Twain prize for American Humour, and gave birth to more than a dozen HBO specials. I hope to have one HBO special in my lifetime.

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Chris said...

And a Supreme Court decision was based on his seven dirty words bit. That's gotta be worth more than all those other Grammy awards combined.

What a sad day.

Mo Diggs said...

still a sad day