Sunday, June 15, 2008

Musical Stares

Did anyone else wish they were saying, "The 60-Second Annual Tony Awards"?

Translation: It was mad long, yo! But worth watching for the costumes, the good editing, and the VERY moving acceptance speech by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Talk about hard work paying off. Not only is he the founder of NYC's best rap group, Freestyle Love Supreme, but he busted his hump to take a musical from his brain to Broadway.

Other aspects of the Tony's I enjoyed this year were the Oscar-quality gowns, the 13 songs they allowed me to sample for free, Mandy Patinkin's beard (Hello! My name is Inigo Mantoya. You killed my father. Prepare to get lost in the forest on my face.), the brief re-caps of speeches they would play to shorten the show ("While on commercial break, John Lithgow won the People Who Need One More Award To Play Chess With Their Statues award"), and the flash backs to famous moments in Tony's History (Early 1990s Madonna on her teleprompter flubs, "I'm being punished for skipping rehearsal!" followed by thunderous applause and no mention of how she's trying too hard to stay young).

And of course, she was swell, she was great: after 28 years of singing her heart out, Corky's Mom took home her second Tony. I'll be watching next year for Jane Kaczmarek.

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