Monday, July 12, 2010

Seven Stand-Ups to Watch

Well let's say two, because I happen to have two comedy amigos who are appearing on television in consecutive nights this week.

Calise Hawkins on Comedy Central's Russell Simmons Presents Stand-Up at the El-Rey (Sun July 11, 11:30PM EST)

Myq Kaplan on NBC's Last Comic Standing (Mon July 12, 9:00PM EST)

Seven just sounded better. But why do we take on the mission when we're told about People to Watch? It's impossible to keep an eye out for comedians' televised accomplishments. They happen so sporadically.

That's why today I tweeted:

Props 2 Calise Hawkins 4 her Com Central debut! If I went to a party for every friend on TV I'd go 3-4 times every 2.5 years.

It's like catching a shooting star. That's not to suggest comedians don't appear on TV often. They appear ALL THE TIME. In your commercials (Matt McCarthy for Verizon), giving editorial on programs for old people (Louis CK on CBS Sunday Morning), making commentary on MTV (Matt Ruby) or performing in sketches on VH1 (me two years ago). They are extras on the Food Network (Adam Ruben), they teach improv on American Chopper (Roger Hailes, Brooke VanPoppelen), they compete in contests (Dave Lester) they sometimes pose as guests on talk shows (Rick Younger, Carolyn Castiglia, Adam Newman, Sean Patton, Sean O'Connor...)

Fine, you want seven? Here are 5 more comedians to watch.

Luke Thayer (hot!)
Neil Charles (chill)
Mo Diggs (acerbic force)
Jenny Z (fresh and new like spring dew)
RG Daniels (class act)

I'm not just putting their names here because they can get me something, because trust me, these people can't get anyone anything. If you can't watch for them, don't come complaining to me when you're misquoting their famous punchline at our office coffee machine.

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Chris said...

Has anybody yet to see you and Calise together in the same room yet?

Abbi Crutchfield said...

Two identities means two paychecks. Shhh...

Heidi said...

I saw Nick Cobb last week(?) on Last Comic Standing. Always one of my favorite Living Room hosts! (I would have voted if they had given me a chance!)

Mo Diggs said...

Thank you so much Abbi! I am genuinely grateful and overjoyed (although, if we wanna be technical, I am a soulsonic force).

Abbi Crutchfield said...

Heidi! Yeah, it's exciting. You can say you knew him when. Then you can finish that sentence with, "...he would writhe on the floor in front of 10 people while an espresso machine was hissing over his punch line."

Mo: Some day I am going to ask a favor of you. It involves you not moving my mass mailing list to your spam folder.

Mo Diggs said...

Also congrats to all the other great comics!

Neil Charles said...

I like Mo am grateful and surprised to be mentioned. Thanks Abbs!