Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Auditions for soup commercials are hard! You have to talk into the can, then listen from the can then talk into it again. You can't just leave it at your ear. The biggest challenge was the woman I read with who was doing her best Eartha Kitt impression. She was supposed to be a lady shopping in a grocery store, and I was playing a mild-mannered Soup employee agreeing with her about how great the variety is. The actress kept purring, "I'm soooo glad your soups...ARE...delicious? My husband...looooooves them. Too." And the casting director kept telling her, "Less sultry!" and I was thinking, "Read it like it's the same language you've been speaking all your life."

But I wasn't perfect. Instead of "More-White-Meat-Chicken-and-Tender-Chunks-of-Beef,"

I kept saying "All white meat...and tender chunks of chicken--I mean beef. All white beef and chender chunks of tickin'..."

So there you go.

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anne altman said...


man it's ridiculous and really hard, isn't it?

i laughed too much for those (infrequent) auditions.

that's my excuse for failure.