Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Love Life: Then and Now

My latest post on Pepsi We Inspire is about the treachery that overshadows a middle school dance.

Our height difference was immediately apparent. We became tongue-tied and held eachother's hips, swaying like a tethered dinghy. I could sense by the end of the song that he was going to make his move and ask me to be his girlfriend. I did what any 13-year-old girl would do: I ran out and hid under the water fountain.

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Flash forward to today, where I've stopped running and hiding in exchange for a man I can wear heels around. My husband and I are both performing tonight on "Stand Up. Lie Down. With Dr. Lisa Levy". After performing, we'll take turns on the couch getting analyzed. You might remember I did this show last month and complained so much about life changes that my last prescription was "have kids when you're good and ready." What will it be tonight?

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