Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Practice Like You Play

In the theater, when you gloss over mistakes instead of correcting them during rehearsal, you are sure to flub your lines during opening night of the play. An athlete who does not give his all during practice will not give his all during game time. Such is the case with comedy. When you're not on stage, you need to keep your mind sharp, either by verbally exploring ideas or writing them down. Otherwise you risk giving a weak performance.

I have spent the past two weeks being completely unfunny off stage. The first week highly stressed in preparation for a major life event, and the second week relaxing on a tropical island.

The first week or so back to the stage is sure to be a rocky one. In two weeks, this is the only joke I wrote, as influenced by too much sun and dubbed soaps from the 1970s:

What kind of yogurt does Herve Villechaize like?

De Plain! De Plain!

Pray for me.


Mo Diggs said...

I LITERALLY wrote that joke when I was ten I swear to you pagan, warlike God. I even said yogurt not chips or whatever.

So yeah drop that joke like I did.

Abbi Crutchfield said...

Revised punchline:

"None. He's dead."

Still got it!

soce said...

Congratulations!!! And welcome back!! Somehow, I feel you won't have much of a problem getting back into the scene.

Chris said...

Welcome back!