Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Things You Notice After Watching the Dark Knight a Second Time

Spoiler alert! Do not read this if you have only seen The Dark Knight once. You will shake your head and say, "No...I don't think so. Are you sure?" and you'll argue these points as if you have seen the film twice, but you haven't. You'll probably do it with a mouthful of sandwich. Just stop.

There are only two swear words in the whole film. To some people hell is not even a swear word, which brings us down to the "G(osh) Da(rn) it!" that Det. Lt. Gordon (Gary Oldman) shouts in desperation. I have a feeling it was an improvisation based on someone off camera holding up pictures of him from Dracula.

Bruce Wayne is ready for the Dear John letter. He kisses Rachel only once and with his hand in his pocket at that. Survey says he's not even that into her.

THERE'S NO BLOOD IN THE WHOLE FILM. Not even when people are shot with rifles.

Director and co-writer of the screenplay CHRIS NOLAN HATES DOGS. They die senselessly twice. Three times if you count Maggie Gyllenhaal, who closely resembles a bull dog.

BATMAN DOES NOT SAVE THE MOST PEOPLE. He saves Rachel. Det. Lt. Gordon saves the mayor, the tattletale guy, and Batman himself. Perhaps Gordon is the hero movie audiences deserve but not the one they need?

MOST UNDERRATED ACTOR: GORDON'S WIFE (Melinda McGraw). She has three scenes, and she bawls in each one of them. Do you know how hard that is to do?!

THERE IS RECYCLED DIALOGUE. Bruce Wayne says to Lucius Fox, "I'm playin' this one pretty close to the chest," which would be a clever card metaphor until Harvey Dent later says to Gordon, "You were playing this one pretty close to the chest," By the time Alfred says it to Rachel when she returns to Wayne Manor for her bra, it's DOA.

Two coin-tossing thumbs up!


Mo Diggs said...

If you listen faintly you hear MIA's Paper Planes. Also there's a Huey Lewis song in the closing credits

Abbi said...

"The-the-the-the-they say the heart of rock and roll is still beatin'..." I haven't stayed to the closing credits because I'm in the restroom by then. Film is long!

Anonymous said...

Batman saves, off the top of my head:

Arguably, he prevents the mafia guys, Scarecrow and his goons and the faux Batmen from having a full fledged fire fight.

Saves Rachel and Dent at the party. Saves, arguably, other party-goers.

Saves Gordon, Dent, and the driver from Joker's RPG and other attacks during the car chase, maybe saves others.

Spares the Joker, which only half counts.

Saves Harvey Dent a third time at the warehouse, though he is burned.

Saves the guy who knows his secret identity, Gordon again, the other cop and the driver from the guy who tries to crash into them.

Saves the hostages from the hospital dressed as goons from the SWAT team and snipers.

Saves all the people on the boat Joker is seconds away from blowing up.

Spares the Joker again.

50% chance he saves Gordon a third time, maybe his family too.

Anonymous said...

Gordon says "son of a bitch" when he catches Joker. Harvey Dent says "saves my ass."

Maybe you gotta watch it a few more times? I heard good comics know the material they make fun of a lot better.