Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Gift To Be Simple

In my online bio, I often end with "...For a daily laugh, read her Curly Comedy blog!"

But we all know I update my blog about as regularly as I brush my teeth.

How do I solve this problem? When I do not find the time to post about my adventures in stand-up comedy, I encourage you to read the archives, one old post a day. Tadaaa!

Okay, you don't like reruns. How about this? From a Question of the Day series on, I had originally asked the author Chris:


The answers in the comments section about the gifts his readers got are real and hilarious. Someone's well-to-do aunt gave them a box of couscous for crying out loud. On a BIRTHDAY. A must-read.

As for me, the most unusual gift I ever received was a poem on a napkin from a girl who dressed in black and considered herself very deep. I was in middle school, and this was at a party. She signed her work with a name she invented that stood for a mythical Cyote-Wolf hybrid.


Chris said...

Besides the rubberband ball, my mom once got me a james dean tie. It was a solid black tie with dean's mug in electric blue right at the center.

I thought it was a gag gift but I think she was a little hurt when I didn't wear it to my first job interview...

Abbi said...

James Dean is better than Dean Martin is better than Martin Short is better than Short Round on a tie. Moms.