Thursday, September 25, 2008

Overheard in an L.A. Daycare...

So you’re the new kid?

Hi. I’m Nahla.

Like from The Lion King?

Ha ha! Good one Suri! (singing) You’re from The Lion King

Did somebody call me?

No, Kingston. But you’re just in time to make fun of Nah-la. She’s dumb. Let’s take her blanket.

Did somebody call me?

No, Weirdo. We’re picking on the new girl. The one whose diaper bag is violet.


What do you want?

What do you want? I was power napping.

I heard if you don’t nap, you don’t get juice with your snack.

What’s the juice today?


Okay, I’m coming!

Now look who you woke up. Everyone just forget about juice for a second. We’re making fun of the new kid for her stupid name.


My name’s not stupid. It means “drinking water from the river one hand at a time.”

Well my name means “princess” in Hebrew. What’s Hebrew, Moses?

I have no bloody idea.

My name is a place in Jamaica.

Mine is a place in California.

Mine means a piece of fruit.

Mine means “someone who shows you to your seat at the movies.” …The fifth.

Can we make fun of him now?

Oh yes! Please do.


Aubs said...

Haha! That was hilarious! Nahla will someday find her Simba and truly be a part of the Circle of Life :)

Crutch said...

Uber cute.

Mo Diggs said...

Going from a black background to a white one, huh? You know how the lights are off for a while and then someone turns on the light and everyone shields their eyes?

Kidding I love the new design!

Abbi said...

Aubs: Look at the stars.

Crutch: Thanks! I feel sorry for Blanket.

Mo: I'm still getting used to it. But it matches the design I'm working on. I mean the design that the team of geniuses I have lured away from the Apple Store are working on for me (illusion of prestige is key in showbusiness).

Chris: comment from Chris?

Carolyn said...

Ha! Excellent post. Too bad Adriana slept through it...

Chris said...

Chris: comment from Chris?

I've suspended all commenting so that I can concentrate on the economy.

Luke said...

I heard this has been made into a major motion picture.