Sunday, September 7, 2008

Swiffer for Sarah Palin

Ad agencies think too hard for this not to be intentional:

I was watching music videos on Yahoo! when I noticed that a woman cleaning her house looked awfully familiar...

Swiffer for Sarah Palin 1

I've seen enough updos coupled with rectangular glasses to know a Sarah Palin impression when I see one.

Her only line of dialogue: "I smell a WINNER!"

Swiffer for Sarah Palin 2

Winner of what? She is not holding mop try-outs. I am no stranger to subliminal political references! I grew up reading Doonesbury. Besides, at the very end of the commercial she uses the handle to stab a caribou.


Mo Diggs said...

Maybe there will be a "swiff" boat scandal

Abbi said...

When I saw the ad I was FLOORed. I hope no one fights DIRTY. Whoever wins, it may be a CLEAN SWEEP. Perhaps the winner will MOP up the competition.

Chris said...

*chuckles at mo*

*chortles at abbi*

*guffaws just for the sake of guffawing*

Abbi said...

Chris, we know how to WRING OUT every last bit of funny in a premise, huh? (Chris leaves) Wait! I can juggle!

Chris said...

Wait! I can juggle!

Chris pauses with his hand at the door. He slowly looks back, somewhat intrigued by this turn of events. He takes a seat and crosses his arm.

"Oh, please, do go on," he says to nobody in particular.

Suddenly, a gunshot echoes from the stage. Thinking it is part of the act, Chris sits up in his seat only to feel a sharp pain in his left side. He moves his hand to his side only to feel a stream of blood coming from a wound. He's been shot! And from somebody onstage....

(Excerpt from Raymond Chandler's The Comedian Killed, )

Abbi said...

"Clean up in aisle 6!"

The theater fills with audience laughter and thunderous applause as curtain goes down.