Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nuevo Stilo

Was enjoying a bit of the Don Francisco talk show on OOH-nee-vee-zee-OHN last night, mainly because the only other thing on was Boston Legal, and their obsessive-compulsive zoom technique makes me sick to watch. Okay, let's face it,I stopped on the Spanish channel to see how much of it I could pick up. It's not nerdy if everyone does it, right J.K. Rowling?

"That's right, Girlfriend."

Straining my ears and leaning forward I managed to catch the following phrases: "It's clear that (antidisestablishmentarianism)," and "It's clear that (supercalifragilisticexpialadocious)." I almost turned the channel, but they panned out from the gabbing guest to reveal two other gentlemen, a trio making up the hot pop group Camila. In his effort to fight male-pattern baldness, one member, Mario Domm, has modeled a new hair product that will soon sweep the nation and make young girls swoon:


Come check out my nuevo stilo tonight at Gabe Pacheco's

JOY Comedy Show
Sal Anthony's
190 3rd Ave (by the 1 train)

You mean you've been reading my blog this long and haven't caught a performance? I'm better live! None of this "I live in a different state" crap. You've never heard of making your own flying suit of iron? (Cue Black Sabbath)

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