Friday, January 25, 2008

Roe Vs. Wade Anniversary

Last Tuesday marked the 35th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade verdict. Producers Carolyn Castiglia and Nichelle Stephens invited Dr. Erick Newberry to drop some knowledge. Check out some of the memorable quotes of the night on their website.

Carolyn led the lineup with a swish of her lovely hairstyle and humor with events so current they haven't even happened yet.

Carolyn Castiglia

Nichelle participated with an awesome avant-garde sketch/puppetry group.

Nichelle Stephens and puppet

Jess Wood closed the show with a huge bang. I think it was someone's gut busting.


International superstar Clara Bijl dropped in to hit the stage before she jet-set off to France or Los Angeles or wherever her comedy's taking her these days. Tres chic!

Clara Bijl and Abbi Crutchfield


Carolyn said...

Awesome pics - oh, that cute BF/reporter Clark Kent that you date! Sigh...

Abbi said...

On the down-side he's infatuated with a woman named Lois.