Monday, May 3, 2010

Do You Like Your Words Scrambled or Sunny Side Up?

Fun with my Scramble game application on my iPhone.

They wouldn't accept "smurf". Smurf is a word! I watched them as a child. They are three apples high. Not to mention all the other words that leaves out--smurfs (plural), smurfun (adj), smurfued (when smurfs receive a curfew)...

You know, brush your toofers. Or Toofer on 30 Rock. Or Teafer two and Toofer tea.

What kind of game accepts a verb (see bottom list of approved words), but not the noun responsible for that verb? I don't have an MLA Handbook, but that seems shady to me.

Wabbler gets approved. Gets 9 whopping points. And I've never heard of that word. I don't even think it's real. Game over.

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