Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Yeary Year

As I look back on the previous year, I can't help but wonder: did anything happen? I don't keep a diary anymore, so let me think hard and see if I can produce a recap of the year in review.

May - The year began with a surprise birthday party at Postmark Cafe.

June - I was still getting used to sharing a studio with Luke and made weekly plans to clean it up.

July - Auditioned for The Marriage Ref. Made it past a couple of rounds, where a camera crew came over to film us at home. Gave me a reason to finally clean the studio. I felt bad when Luke and I didn't get picked.

August - Got robbed and hit by a car in the same week. Finally something new to talk about on stage!

Also watched Nick Cobb tape his first appearance on Live at Gotham, and met comedian Bobby Lee.

September - Appeared on the Tyra Banks Show. Also shot a Home Goods commercial.

October - I participated in the annual Fall Family Fest, a fun day for kids sponsored by my church. Due to its taking place in the fall, it's always freezing cold outside. Luckily it rained so this time it was indoors, which meant I ran a hoola-hoop contest and ate cotton candy withOUT shivering.

November - Thanksgiving potluck at Josh Sankey's house. I don't know if anyone there knew anyone except Josh. He brings people together.

December - Christmas with the fam. Don't send us pears.

January - Launched Positively Awesome with Andrew Singer.

Also appeared on Fifty First Jokes with Luke (second from right, between Joe Garden and Liz Miele).

Feburary - Had my first colonoscopy in 10 years, remembering that I actually have to maintain my Crohn's disease. Began freelance writing for Pepsi We Inspire.

March - Got Max! Moved into a new place. No more studio! Spaciousness...a real couch...a real bed! The Marriage Ref airs. I felt good about not getting picked.

April - Celebrated one year of marriage to Luke. I was cast in a Jell-o commercial as "Mom" but was among the principals they decided not to use on set during the shoot.

Could the next year involve being cast as a mom in more commercials? Serving my church in more extreme weather conditions? Producing even more shows? Getting more dogs? We'll see.


crutch said...

um, kinda mad that you couldn't come up with anything cool for november or december...two pears and a banana comes to mind. or maybe you just hate holidays? i should try to summarize my 29th year just like that...although mine wouldn't be very exciting, but still a good exercise.

Abbi Crutchfield said...

Yeah, you're right! Christmas with the fam was fun and Thanksgiving at my friend Josh's place was fun too...I'll go look for pics now...

Chris said...

I'm so old I just give my age in dog years now.

Chris said...

My fifth birthday is coming up :)

Mo Diggs said...

Happy belated birthday in advance!

soce said...

That sounds like a pretty full year to me. I liked the vh1 hip hop honors promos and judge sassy as well.