Thursday, March 25, 2010

Let's Talk Radio

Ususally I don't do radio because I believe women are to be seen and not heard, but tonight I make an exception. Stay up til 11:00PM and catch me on the Joey Reynolds Show on WOR 710 HD!

You may remember that I did this show last Friday with Andrew Singer, my co-producer of Positively Awesome. The experience was gay. In that the entire panel of guests (and what a panel!) were gay men. I felt like the only chocolate chip in a homosexual cookie, if I may borrow a trite phrase and manipulate it to fit the context, and if cookies could have a sexual orientation (it's their right!)

The funny Friday Night Lineup:

The man himself:

soce the elemental wizard spits rhymes as Myra the booking producer looks on in amonderment (amazement + wonderment):

Free Sandwiches

Free laughter

Tonight I'll be kickin' it with the ladies. Which ladies? Tune in to find out!


Chris said...

I'm listening... I hear elevator music.

Boooooo. Hisssss!!

Chris said...

Who the hell is Dr. Joy Brown? Why am I listening to Dr. Joy Brown? Was your appearance not at 11pm or is this podcast full of teh suck?

Booooo... Hisssss.

soce said...

They generally record it at one point and then broadcast it a few hours later on.. Gives the people in the booth time to format it correctly with ads and such.

Hopefully they gave Abbi a copy of it on CD. I have a copy of the show we did together last week that I'll be putting up at some point.. I generally edit it first so just you hear the highlights.

Abbi Crutchfield said...

I forgot to get my copy of the ladies show. "Full of the suck!" LOL. Good idea to edit the disk soce. We can distill it down to my greeting, my laughter, and my farewell.