Tuesday, March 30, 2010

First Four Comics Get Stage Time

Tonight is Positively Awesome, and for the 20-minute Night Shift, we are offering five minutes of stage time to the first four comics casually leaning back against the wall.

Can you match this casual lean?

If it's not stage time but attention you're after, take a look at this e-mail I got from Slava Yaryshkin, who offers a great deal on online advertising:

Dear friends,
I just wanted to let you know that you can now advertise anything (almost) you want on the right side of my website. You can advertise your website, your blog, your show, your open mic, your small business, your cat, etc. Anything you want! Except bringers and/or porn.

The price is just $5 per month with a minimum of 2 months commitment.

Your main man,


EXCEPT BRINGERS! That's my boy! Leave your stinky blood-sucking bringers in the garbage where they belong.


soce said...

Not sure if I've told Abbi yet directly, but we have two incredible comedians already signed up for the Night Shift for tonight. They are both people who were booked for January editions of Positively Awesome, back for more!

Night Shift is for everyone! Beginners looking for a place to perform, people interested in having us book them, pros wanting to try out some last minute new material before a big audition, plus so much more!!

Slava said...

Yay! I am famous! Down with bringers!