Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Countdown: Ten Days (Kissin' Cousins)

Had to take a premarital blood test as per Indiana law, presumably to prove that Luke and I are not related. But oddly enough, he is not required to take one, which tells me one of three things:

- You only have to prove that ONE spouse is not inbred.
- You need DNA evidence that the wife is not a farm animal.
- If you can draw blood from the wife, then she is not a witch.


Chris said...

Premarital blood tests were used to test for syphilis and a few other forms of vd. And I guess the V in vd stands for vagina which is why only you were tested.

Seriously, what's the point of only one person being tested? We got married in Nevada and didn't need a blood test. Just a wedding license and a slot club card from the Horseshoe.

Abbi Crutchfield said...

Elvis impersonators often supplement their income as licensed CSI forensic scientists, so essentially, your officiate extracted what DNA proof he needed from your Egyptian headdresses.

Crutch said...

yeah, testing for sexually transmitted diseases only in women?

somehow men don't catch std's. only in backwards ass indiana. that law should be changed. there's got to be some forward-thinking male or female legislator that would introduce that bill.

Abbi Crutchfield said...

It's actually for cooties. And I tested positive. But Luke got his cootie shot, so we're going ahead with it.