Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April Fool's Show

Here I am at Lounge T.B.D. on April 1st, standing in front of a colorful sculpture of mop handles, which inspired this ad-lib:

"This place is great. It is the actual apartment from Big. Around the corner are the bunk beds and the trampoline. Here's the oversized pick-up sticks that Josh brings home from Macmillan Toys."

I have no idea which joke I tell that involves my hand in the air and me smiling. Oh wait, yes I do: all of them.

The show was fun, with a group of bachelors standing in the back staring longingly at some women who hogged the barstools the whole night. I don't know if they wanted action or just a seat. Greg Collett put the show together, which will hopefully be one of many. I could tell the area was safe because there was a white woman jogging after 9:00PM. Unless it was a solo Take Back the Night rally.

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