Thursday, October 14, 2010

Late Night Republic

There's a fun show that I got to be a part of recently called Late Night Republic. It's hosted by comedy boy wonder-turned-man wonder Jake Sasseville and features lots of NYC's top funny talent*. I contributed as an on-the-street correspondent. Despite the serious Ann Curry face I have when asking questions, I giggled a lot that day.

My segment is at 9:35-11:00, sandwiched between two hilarious bits by Giulia Rozzi and Katina Corrao. (Both funny females have been on The Living Room Show and Positively Awesome, and Giulia was a part of the first lineup for the return of Ladybits, my three favorite shows in the city. For more details on them there thangs click to the right. )

Clicka the link to rolla da clip:

Late Night Republic: Season 1 Episode 10

*Other featured performers include Brandy Barber, Sara Jo Alloco and Victor Varnado!


crutch said...

this link worked, but the one you posted has expired.

Abbi Crutchfield said...

Thanks! Updated!