Wednesday, October 20, 2010

LadyBits - Episode 2

Click here for more great photos by our in-house photog Lorna on Flickr.

Our second performance at the dark and lovely Cornelia St. Cafe brought Leah Dubie, Amanda Baramki, Giulia Rozzi and the musical stylings of Jen Kwok! Not to mention our biggest fan Asa and a crowd of comedy-loving goons.

We are still looking for a permanent home. While we shop around, we won't be having any shows, so stay tuned. You can catch Jen and me representing Ladybits on other all-female shows:

Sat Nov 20, 7:30PM
Lady Show in DC (part of an All-Female Festival)
brought to you by Hillary Buckholtz

Thurs Dec 9, 7:00PM
F-Word: Feminism, Funny and Fearless
Angels and Kings, 500 E. 11th St, 10009
Jen and I co-host this fundraiser for Paradigm Shift NYC with Leah King, Jessy Delfino, Jena Friedman.

Interested in learning more about Ladybits? Look no further than our dazzling website:!

Photo credit: Lorna Keuning


soce said...

Congrats on this fantastic new show!!

Abbi Crutchfield said...

Thank you! Congrats on being written into my will (I'm eccentric).