Friday, October 22, 2010

Be There or Be Scared!

Tonight is The Living Room Show's 5th Annual Halloween Scare-avaganza!

Let's look at years past...

In 2006 I made the topical choice of going as US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Luke went as James Brolin as Pee-Wee Herman. Since these are so obscure, I'll give you their actual likeness.

NAILED IT. The only other person to dress up was my sister who went as Condoleezza's lesser-known sister, Condosleezza with a mullet wig and fishnet stockings, because my family is awesome.

In 2007 I went as a cabbage patch (the black one with blond hair that never sold well) and Luke went as John McEnroe. That year, the baristas joined in the costume fun and the one audience member who dressed up won a prize!

In 2008 I returned to celebrity impersonations and went as Kathy Griffin. I have no idea what Luke was supposed to be. But what a phantom-tastic turnout of costumed creeps! Comics and audience dressed up and were given prestigious awards.

In 2009 I held down the fort solo and took all the pics (which explains why they're not uploaded one year later). I dressed as a victim of the Bubonic Plague. Had the Elizabethan dress and wig, zombie facepaint and the creepiness was exacerbated by the fact that NO ONE ELSE DRESSED FOR HALLOWEEN.

So let's do this fifth one right! Oh yes, there WILL be prizes.

Rick Younger hosts
Dave Angelo
Jenna Brister
Dave Waite
Harry Terjanian
Luke Thayer

with sketch by me

The Living Room Show
Fri Oct 22, 8:00PM
Postmark Cafe - 326 6th St, 11215

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