Monday, November 9, 2009

Where a Man Can be a Kid

Most of my weekend was spent planning and executing a birthday celebration for Dr. HUBStible. He was asked to wait on the corner of 6th Ave and Broadway where he received a package from a mysterious spy (our friend Greg). The package had a bandana, a camera and a message: I had been kidnapped and he too was being taken hostage. He was blindfolded with the bandana, his picture was taken, then he was guided through the busy streets of Times Square to Dave and Busters with people shouting "Happy Birthday" along the way (he had a sign on his back, and only one person shouted). Upon arrival he saw a table full of friends. "Surpriiiiise!" He had dinner and cake, and piles of tickets later, he went home with lots of loot. In addition to his non-performing friends, comedians Brendan Fitzgibbons, Lance Weiss, J-L Cauvin, Nick Cobb, Becky Ciletti, Lisa Kaplan, writer Chris Serico and singer/songwriter Kohli were there to join in on the fun.

I opted for Dave and Buster's because hanging out at Chuck E. Cheese is too creepy. Plus you're too big for all the attractions. Besides, who wants to eat at a restaurant whose spokesman is a RAT?! "Have your children meet our vermin." Did anyone at the pitch meeting find this unappetizing? Was the cockroach costume too hard to sew?

To complete the action adventure theme, I took him to see The 39 Steps on Broadway. I joked on Twitter, "I wonder who will play Hitchcock's cameo..." but lo and behold, they squeezed in a funny Hitchcock appearance after all. The play was hilarious, and a nice end to a fun weekend.

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