Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Coffee? Tea? Me?

Worked out plenty of new jokes at Luke's Show in Harlem last night. The turnout was decent, with every audience member engaged and ready to laugh. The venue is a coffee shop which makes it hard to deal with people that DON'T want to watch a show. "Oh you go on and do your comedy thing. I'm just going to talk loudly on my cell phone. Marsha? HI! A comedy show just started inches in front of me! Is it funny? I don't know! Let me check! (pause) No, no one's saying anything! It's really quiet in here actually!"

Perhaps I worked out too many new ones, because there were those long gaps of silence that no amount of playful ad-libbing could save. The only remedy would have been stock material. Afterwards, Luke, Nick Cobb and I rode the train home, dissecting which bits need work. Luke said, "If you had asked me before the show how much new stuff you should do, I would say, 20-30% new material, and 80-70% stuff that you know works." Well I DIDN'T ASK YOU. At least I got one quiet lady to quietly laugh at a new bit about babysitting.

Society Comedy
Mondays at 8:00PM
2104 Frederick Douglas Blvd (at 114th)
New York, NY 10026


soce said...

I'd say the key would be 30% new material, 40% riffing on people's clothes/jobs, 20% talking about "hey, small room tonight/man y'all are low energy/hey these are new jokes so sorry if they suck"/getting angry at the audience in general, and a last 20% doing funny dances, impressions and silly voices. Oh, and another 15% trying to figure out how to make those numbers add up to 100%.

Abbi Crutchfield said...

OR...100% silly dances. Agreed!