Thursday, June 25, 2009

Grandpa Munster in Drag

I got to perform at Union Hall last night. The last time I was there was to watch Todd Barry's 20th Anniversary of Doing Stand-up show. It was cool to think that I was standing off stage behind the curtain where Sarah Silverman, Michael Showalter and David Cross had stood. Then it became awkward as none of the other comics waited back there with me. Finally I sat in the front row, but just for effect, I walked through the curtain and onto the stage. None of the other comics did that either.

It was all to raise funds for the campaign of a man I met that night, Bob Zuckerman.

He hopes to be the first openly LGBT councilman in Brooklyn. You may be thinking, "The first?! In all of Brooklyn's political history?" But the key word is OPENLY. Every other councilman happened to be gay, but just did not talk about it. I would plan to be the first hetero councilman, but that would require a transgender operation. Then I would be HT without the LGB, and that is not as cool.

The lineup was great. H.Alan Scott, Claudia Cogan, Lisa Kaplan, Shawn Hollenbach, Chris Sifflet and Ben Lerman.

I lost the mostly gray-haired crowd with my jokes about Dippin' Dots, but they stayed with me and even gave me an applause break at some point. I hitched a ride with H. Alan Scott onto SRSLY LOL at Metropolitan Bar later and got some nice compliments after that set.

Bob Zuckerman, although not a comedian, got the biggest laugh of the night when he commented that an old timey portrait on the wall behind him looked like Grandpa Munster in Drag. A councilman with transparency, a sense of humor and more importantly, an affinity for 60s pop culture? That's change we can believe in.


soce said...

Whoa, was this your first time meeting Ben Lerman? He is absolutely amazing. I highly encourage you to check out more of his works on the web, live shows, etc. Rawk!!

Abbi Crutchfield said...

Hey Soce! No, Ben and I go back a couple of years (Danny Leary's cabaret show). I was on his show as Erykah Badu before it ended and he moved on to Match Game. He brought the house down with his ukulele! You guys should totally collab.

soce said...

Funny you should mention this.. there's a good chance he will be singing on some of my tracks on my fourth album (which should be coming out in 2011) (hopefully even Microwave Oven) if I can just get him to drop by my place for an hour or two (right now, I'm brushing up on my lasso skills.. we'll see).

Also I used to rap as a special guest with his band The Isotoners, back in 2003. We first crossed paths when we were booked back 2 back at The Sidewalk Cafe. Props!!! And a few years ago, I was in a comedy video of his where my roll was "man who gets punched in the face"--