Monday, June 29, 2009

Board Game Flashback: Pizza Party

I used to go over to my neighbor Josh's house to play Pizza Party. It's funny how kids can find common ground right away and get along with each other. It's like the slogan for the Push Pop sucker: "Don't push me; push a Push Pop". Why resort to violence when we can all agree that sugar is delicious, amigo?

Josh went on to harrass my sister and me with prank calls in middle school, and he became a sullen high schooler who pretended not to know us. He ignored cheerful hellos on the sidewalk even though he lived two houses down.

But before he was a unibomber, Josh was a silly kid who would let me share his green plastic G.I. Joes., his mother's exercise trampoline, and his book-on-record of Br'er Rabbit. Watch out for that tar baby!

Then he presented this wonder of wonders: a board game shaped like a pizza! With pieces that look like ingredients! I don't remember really liking the game, but I always requested to play it because of the novelty of holding a fake pizza in my hands. Almost as good as the real thing!

Clearly the pepperoni and the mushroom want to date. The green pepper has her sights on the onion, but he's not interested. I never understood why the onion pizza slice had a blue handle, when the other slice handles corresponded perfectly to their respective ingredients. Who ever heard of a blue onion? I imagined a big assembly line of workers taking turns putting the game together. I figured the boardmakers at the end of the line were confused, because the illustrators at the front of the line forgot what an onion looked like and drew a Hershey's Kiss instead.


Tommy Pryor said...

maybe the blue onion was sad that that pepperoni and mushroom got all the action, and secretly wished they were kissing cousins.

Mo Diggs said...

Williamsburg needs to start holding pizza parties at bars. Free pizza for the kids (who are still dependent on mom [hehheh]).

Abbi Crutchfield said...

@ Tommy: The Blue Onion drove me crazy. How could they allow for such an oversight? Perhaps it is a metaphor for acceptance.

@ Mo: And a pit of little plastic colorful balls!

Tommy Pryor said...

Abbi, my crusher with games was when they started to weaken the quality of the boxes that always got kicked under my bed hard by Mom. She figured once the box went, then the game went, and she had a wicked leg. when the boxes weakened game life fell. also hated the crappy pieces that replaced the fine hardware in Monopoly and Clue. I used to whack my brother with the lead pipe in the Conservatory while Mr. Mustard held him down.

soce said...

@Mo There are some bars in williamsburg that give you a free pizza with every beer you order. Some in manhattan as well. And the pizza's actually quite good!

Comedian Luke said...

I never got to play this game. It falls into the category of things I wanted as a child but never got. Time to search ebay!