Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Seems You Can't Be Sure Of Anything Anymore

Not many years ago People Magazine reported that Soleil Moon Frye had a daughter. She named her Poet Sienna Rose in the hopes that a triple name would pave the way for television stardom…or at least infamy as an assassin. The Curly Comedy team got a hold of an exclusive picture of the child. Quite frankly, we find it a little disturbing.

Wait for it.



Abbi said...

I feel the need to point out that the kid has Henry Warnimont eyebrows.

Matt said...

Did they have her so that Henry would have an eyebrow donor should he ever be in a serious accident?

Abbi said...

Moot point. Commandant Lassard is invincible. Did you know the man is 90? 90 for crying out loud! And one more thing to make up for accusing George Gaynes of fictional incest (via adoption): if I could have one brief movie appearance as funny as the apartment scene in Tootsie, I would die happy.