Monday, June 18, 2007

Summer Blowout at The Living Room

Did you have a good weekend? Good. Want to have a better one? Come to The Living Room this Friday! As I mentioned we've been putting it on non-stop for a year, and now it's time for a rest. So to celebrate getting to relax, we're having a Summer Blowout where we've invited all of the gut-busting talent we could find:

Mike Dobbins (one of the most original comedians of my generation. Cracks me up every time)
Carla Rhodes (rock n' roll goddess, accomplished beyond her years in quips and quism. Ventriloquism)
Liam McEaneany (comedy central, VH1, solid on stage and we're proud to have him)
Luke Thayer (practically perfect in every way)
Lisa Kaplan (her woe will reel you in and get you giggling)
The Straight Men (one members' work has been recognized on The Tonight Show, and the whole ensemble busts their butts to make their offbeat sketches seem awkwardly real)

I am stoked to see these people!! Of course I plan to bring my bag of tricks so I hope that all nine of my regular readers can make it out. And to the ones who keep commenting, "Please help. Your site is the only one that is not blocked. I am a child laborer who has sneaked into my boss's office while he takes his hourly nap. I pray that you will send authorities and rescue us." I say, finish those sweaters and get over to my show!

Here's a picture to give you some indication of how stellar it is.

Truffle Shuffle yourself over there.

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Abbi said...

Did I forget to mention that if you show up before 8:00PM you get a free iced coffee?! Hooray!