Sunday, November 14, 2010

Today I'd Like You to Think About Four Loko

My news channels have been demonizing this drink so often it will be off the shelves before I can try it. And I want to try it! I just haven't had a family event I'd like to ruin. I don't get the combination. Caffeinated alcohol? The times I've needed an energy drink, it was inconvenient to also be drunk (office at 3PM) and the times I've wanted to unwind with a brewski, I don't want to be hyper (Jeopardy at 8PM).

The news is really cramping my style. They've used up every pun in the book, except for the glaring one--that this is FOR LOCO people. Once they've played that trump card, I'm sure there will be nothing left but Arizona cans that beggars spike with whiskey.


Chris said...

Leggo my Loko.

Abbi Crutchfield said...

Where's the Beef Loko? You're better at this than I am. But seriously, meat-flavored has to be appealing to frat boys.