Monday, June 21, 2010

Raising the Beauty Bar

Enjoyed myself at Vince Averill's and Jesse Popp's Beauty Bar last night. There were three loud laughers up front fully reclined in a leather sofa as if they were watching me in IMAX. The back wall was lined with comics (some booked, some visiting) and some of the more timid audience members. Two Asian gals sat on the side and let me riff with them.

"Growing up I was told I wasn't black enough. Do Asians do that to eachother? 'How was your day?' Good. 'Did you ride the subway?' Yes. 'Did you get a seat?' No, I stood. 'You weren't first to get a seat?! You ain't Asian! You ain't Asian!'"

Dave Rosinsky, Jess Wood, Matt Wayne and Travis Irvine were also on the lineup. No sightings of the elusive Jesse Popp, but I got to see Vince throw down in his Sunday best (a white T-shirt and jeans), so that was exciting. It felt like business as usual, the show ran like a well-oiled machine, and on the subway ride home Jess and I talked turkey. Turkey abortions. Actually about why you don't hear more honest abortion jokes these days. Few people delve into it Pryor-style, speaking from personal experience. Most comics just have a shocking, throw-away line on the subject. I think it's time we come to terms with it. A woman has a right to choose to talk about it. Hanger in there, baby!

Beauty Bar
231 E. 14th St, 10003
Sundays at 9:00PM


crutch said...

HA! this reminded me of Ali Wong's "fancy asian/jungle asian". i need to move to nyc so i can get to see your week night shows.

Abbi Crutchfield said...


anne altman said...

'You weren't first to get a seat?! You ain't Asian! You ain't Asian!'"