Friday, March 14, 2008

Budding Ideas

Here is a list of concepts that have not found the right vehicle:

Combine Bubble Tape plus gummy worms for a new candy: Bubble Tapeworm

A soap opera called PFB, Ph.D. Catch phrase: Paging Dr. Brains. Dr. Poop for Brains." Only problem, Ph.Ds don't get paged in hospitals. Dookie Howser, MD?

Hold a rubber duck and point it at people while shouting, "Duck you! Duck you! and DUCK YOU!" I can't think of a context for this. Maybe I'll give it to Mike Dobbins.

During a cold, referring to drip as "nose tears".

Kleenex and Proctor & Gamble thinktank creates: Sniffer Swiffer.

Song parody: I'm Glossay, about a girl who wears too much lip gloss. Problem: nobody remembers the song Bossy by Kelis.

Baby Einstein selected as name for toys and products after test audiences rejected first brand, Baby Dead Guy

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