Saturday, November 25, 2006


These are the timeless treasures to be had if you win--okay you don't even place--on the Poetry Vs. Comedy show in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Silly string! Care to watch "Big", anyone? Let's shoot this at each other, but be careful not to get it anywhere near the eyes, nose or mouth, and then promptly remove it from our clothes so as to minimize the drycleaning bill, and then break out the 409 and Bounty so our landlord won't charge us for the stain on the walls. FUN!! Okay who wants to spray first? My knee-cap region should be appropriate. This is old denim.


sooprgrll said...

I always had a strange desire to eat silly string. But I never did.

Abbi said...

That's a good thing. Because for every can of string you don't eat, it can be donated to troops in Iraq for spraying doorways and testing for trip wires. God bless you, Sooprgrll! And God bless America.

Crutch said...

Umm, so I want to know more about how you did at Poetry v. Comedy. I guess you lost, but was it fun? Do you have any video clips? Who did win? I hope comedy beat poetry.


Abbi said...

Hey Crutch! I had a good time, but it's not a real competition. Comics dress as judges and give an American Idol-style critique after each set, and sometimes the poets are comedians in disguise too. We also had a guitarist perform while the scores were tallied. I went up first and my stand-up was followed by a poet. Each person's score was higher and higher, so I figure the judges know who they want to face off in the last round. Everyone gets a prize so there's no need to throw a fit. Unless you really hate prizes.