Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

That's my face in BUST magazine! This is the first time I've ever appeared in a publication with glossy pages. I'm so excited!

BUST is a magazine with an agenda to showcase the lives of today's women.

The show that the article highlights is a one of a kind, all-female comedy hour in New York called Chicks and Giggles founded by cupcake-lovin' co-producer Nichelle Stephens and hosted by the bilingual and all-funny co-producer Carolyn Castiglia.

I heard about the show through my fellow GU alumn and comedian Jaqueline Novak, and the article includes a joke by the multi-tasking comedy writer Giulia Rozzi co-creator and host of Stripped Stories.

Go out and buy a copy tonight because when I'm huge, this photo will be worth something and often refered to as "An early shot of Abbi".

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