Monday, August 14, 2006

I'm a Muppet!

I don't know much about Abby Cadabby, but I do know that when Sesame Street creates a character based on you, you don't complain about the color of her hair or that they misspelled your name.

It is truly an honor to share the stage with some of the classic characters of my youth. Most people have to wait until they're famous, and even then, all they get is an action figure of the character they played in a forgettable or highly grossing film. I guess all I had to do is plant an adorable seed in one marionnette expert's imagination and wait. But when did it happen? When did I inadvertently charm someone into creating this puppet?

I like to think that this dates back to age nine when I would stand in grocery store aisles and point my toes like a ballerina hoping to get noticed for commercials (specifically, a ballerina commercial). I thought someone would say, "That girl has more talent and grace than any child I've seen on the New Mickey Mouse Club," and beg my mom to let me move to Orlando and become a star. Clearly this never happened. But lo, my enchanting leaps and animated conversations with Mrs. Butterworth did inspire some idle shopper to record that moment in time, and eventually bring it to life, fifteen years later, on an educational program!

Don't give up your dreams, kids!


Anonymous said...

I'm a muppet, too! Except the spellings aren't even close.

Abbi said...

Cool! I feel sorry for the poor sap that Mr. Rogers' puppets were based on. Webbed-finger freaks.