Tuesday, August 29, 2006

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

I'm not in school anymore, and so summer vacation doesn't really exist in the three month block that it used to. Some say there is no such thing as summer vacation once you get a nine-to-five. Actually it lasts as long as I feel like putting on sunglasses and ordering Coolattas. It's nearing the middle of September, and even though summer is only a third over, I think it's the right time to reflect on the exciting events of the season.

I finally took the Staten Island ferry to view the Statue of Liberty, and I was going to post of picture of her, but this lumpy-toed bird became the highlight of my day. He strutted with gnarled and arthritic claws and proudly refused the Bayer I offered. Walking the city streets on his knuckles, he is truly the Joseph Merrick of his species and a class act. A class Aves act, to be exact.

In June I launched a wonderful stand-up/sketch show called The Living Room with my boyfriend (and fellow comedian) Luke. Click on the link under "Living It Up" (at right) for a re-cap of the latest show. Dressing up is fun and easy. Growing the moustache is hard.

I did some math to keep my brain sharp. I still can't do Sudoku. This here is one of those equations with multiple answers, bcause snakes plus planes also equals a very tired joke. The sad thing is I used to think this was a suitable way to propose to a person. But then again, I think Cheese Balls are an excellent side dish.

I cat-sat, and he treated me to a good long look at his butthole near every morning. My gift to you.

I saw these three T.V. gents on the street. Stars...they're just like us! They walk hurriedly to restaurants and slow when their names are called. They put their hands in their pockets when they talk. They back away and make dismissive pleasantries when they feel their privacy threatened.

And I made my own Brighton Beach memoirs!


Anonymous said...

But Cheese Balls are an excellent side dish. You should go on Top Chef and teach them all a few things. And maybe, in return, they'll teach you Sudoku.

Abbi said...

I know. On the back of Ritz boxes there are appetizer recipes. So I say on the back of the Cheese Ball CAN they should post me dipping them into potroast gravy. Sudoku is for evil geniuses.