Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Feel the Earth. Move. Under my Tweet

My tweet about the recent earthquake on the East Coast has gotten some national coverage!

"Luckily I was holding a bag of chicken cutlets filled with breadcrumbs."

TIME.COM reporter Nick Carbone selected it for a list called 'Laughter Shocks': 13 Best Tweets About the East Coast Earthquake.

7 LIVE ONLINE senior web producer Sara Bueno gave it a shout-out inTwittersphere: East Coast Quake

CNN featured it on a segment this morning, but all I could find was this clip on about Twitter and the East Coast earthquake

Thanks to the news folks above and to all who have let me know about it.

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Saeclorum said...

Bag of chicken cutlets with breadcrumbs.

Heh... I think Ive found what ive been looking for.

Keep the laughs coming