Friday, September 10, 2010

Things That Jiggle for $300 Alex

What is YOUR BELLY? From laughing during tonight's show.

Look, I don't know who's reading this blog...maybe the President, maybe the Queen of England, maybe the Pope. My stat-counter says an average of three people a day, so those are my best guesses.

But whoever sees this must know they have stumbled onto a very important piece of information. Tonight at 8:00PM I am returning my comedy show back to the good people of Brooklyn.

The Living Room Show. Maybe you've heard of it. You're thinking of Living Room the rock venue on the Lower East Side. I'm talking about the small coffee shop comedy show that has brought you NYC's best stand-up and sketch artists (including improv and musical comedy and ventriloquists) since June 9, 2006 for FREE. We have been there every 2nd and 4th Friday, (except during summer breaks when we work as carnies) and have never had to cancel a show yet.

Postmark Cafe (326 6th Street, 11215)
Keith Alberstadt
Luke Thayer
Sam Morril
Calise Hawkins
characters by Abbi Crutchfield
sketch by Matt McCarthy and Katina Corrao

There's always a familiar face, always a new face, and always a man without a face.

See you tonight!

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