Saturday, January 27, 2007

Noose to Me

In this article, several employees file suit with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against their employer--"Willie"--who allegedly hung a noose in the workplace.

Where's Matlock when you need him? The defendant's lawyer blurts, "My client's first marriage for 17 years was to an African-American woman. So I don't think he's racist."

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, I give you...

The Top Ten Reasons Willie’s First Marriage Failed

10.He ended conversations with, "I can say that because my wife’s black".

9. Every February he would whine, “How come there’s no White History Month?”

8. He laughed all through Roots.

7. He prefers to work MLK, Jr. Day, “As a matter of principle”.

6. For Halloween parties, he would suggest going as Jefferson and Hemmings

5. When his wife drove, he sat in the back seat.

4. He often referred to his employees as, “Damn dirty apes”.

3. Confederate Flag boxer shorts.

2. He watched Monster’s Ball to get in the mood.

1. 17th Anniversary gag gift: noose necklace.

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Anonymous said...

Abbi... I love this
It's just hilarious without, but even more insane with the pictures.

I have to post a link to the SleptOn forum... you don't mind do ya?!

Abbi Crutchfield said...

Absolutely. I want people who read my blog to know about SleptOn, and people who know about SleptOn to read my blog! And I want people who don’t know about SleptOn yet to read my blog. The only folks who shouldn’t read this are any peers who knew me at age 10 and younger, because I will be telling many a slanderous tale about them.